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An Email Marketing Best Practice: Ask for Email Signups in Print

With the publication of our last email marketing newsletter on list building do’s and don’t’s, it seems I’m seeing examples left, right and center! I don’t know if that’s just because I’m paying attention because it’s top of mind, or if it’s because our email newsletter article was so timely, but all these other instances are helping us at ClickMail drive the points home! Here’s to better, and more successful, list building for everyone!

And here’s a technique I hadn’t considered before…

At email marketing vendor ClickMail, we encourage businesses to “sell” their email signups on their websites. You can’t simply ask someone for an email address. You have to tell them what they will get from you in exchange for surrendering that valuable piece of personal information. Quite often, a sample newsletter or email will help you convince a potential subscriber.

But here’s a new twist on that, from Eric Groves, SVP, Global Market Development, Constant Contact, quoted in a recent MarketingSherpa article.

Groves suggests having a print out of a sample email for people to see when you are asking for their email addresses in person, say at your brick-and-mortar location or at a trade show event. That’s a great idea that’s easy to do…super easy to do, in fact.

Always remember that an email address is like a form of currency, and just like someone won’t give you money for no reason, no exchange, nor will they give you their email address without something in return. Anything you can do to make your case, to persuade them that entrusting you with their prized email address is a good thing…and printing out a sample is certainly an easy thing!

Let’s add that to our do’s of list building!

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