Dedicated, consistent and strategic customer support

We provide the ESP support you need for your enterprise email marketing.

Typically when you’re working directly with an email service provider (ESP), calling in for support means calling into a pool of support people and talking to someone who might—or might not—be familiar with your business, your objectives and your problem. This can be time-consuming and frustrating when you have to make yourself known to yet another new person and explain your situation yet again. It takes time away from the enterprise email marketing you should be focused on, using up precious resources.

By comparison, with ClickMail, you build a relationship with one key person at our company: your account manager. This person will know your business and your account. They’ll understand your specific needs, and they’ll be an expert in using your ESP’s platform. At ClickMail, you’ll have someone already on your side and ready to help you with your enterprise email marketing solutions. No more explaining your problem all over again!

And if we encounter issues that require assistance directly from your ESP, we have spent years building relationships with top-tier ESPs, giving us special access to the highest levels of support.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of working with your ESP through the email experts at ClickMail, reach out to us!