Scrubbing Your List: An Email Marketing Best PracticeA friend has been packing for a big move. And that packing has turned into a lot of sorting and cleaning and dumping and donating as she sorts through 22 years worth of furniture, books, art and all those boxes in the closets.

We seem to accumulate a lot of stuff as we go through life. And the longer we stay in one place, the more stuff we gather around us. Then when it’s time to pick up and move on, we find it’s too much to take it all with us and the sorting out and cleaning up must happen.

Is your in-house email list like a house that needs a thorough going through? If you’re packing around a lot of old email addresses, you bet it is!

As I’ve said before, scrubbing your in-house email list is an email deliverability best practice, especially when you’re dealing with legacy data. A list more than 18 months old is guaranteed to have bad email addresses, all those hard bounces will work against your online sending reputation.

Think of those bad email addresses like the clutter in my friend’s closets. Only this clutter will cost you money if you don’t clean it out. You’ll lose out on possible sales by mailing to bad addresses, yes, but even worse, you’ll damage your sending reputation making it even harder to mail to the good addresses!

That’s a silly choice to make. So clean up that list.

Published On: May 5th, 2010Categories: Email marketing best practices

About the Author: Jared LaRock

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