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Step Away From the Email Analytics! 6 Ways to Get a Big Picture View

Two years ago we launched eMVision, a unique and innovative email analytics tool that integrations Tableau Software with the email reporting of major ESPs such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Since that launch, we have spent a lot of time talking to clients and other email marketers about email reporting and analytics, and we have learned one big lesson: Marketers tend to dive a little too deep into details when looking at their email reporting. What’s wrong […]

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Doing an Email Service Providers Comparison? Get the Newest ESP Guide, Just Released for 2016

It can be overwhelming trying to do an email service providers comparison when you have over one hundred to choose from. How do you narrow down your list to a manageable size? Plus most do more or less the same thing: send lots and lots of emails. That makes it hard to understand the differences, but it’s also a challenge to keep up with the constant change that makes an email service providers comparison harder than ever […]

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6 Things You Might not Know About Your ESP—but Should!

They say ignorance is bliss, but in truth it’s expensive—especially in the world of email. So let’s take a few minutes to talk about some topics that usually don’t come up during sales pitches or negotiations when considering email service providers. At ClickMail, we often see clients confused by these six areas because they are making some assumptions that they maybe shouldn’t. Then later on, this ignorance leads to hassles, headaches and occasionally hard feelings. So […]

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Using Email for Lead Nurturing: Harder Than It Should Be?

With all of the advances in email marketing technology and cross channel marketing, email still remains a more effective tool for lead nurturing than lead generation. Oh, you can do lead gen with email for sure, but email’s powerhouse is nurturing prospects along, because it’s a perfect platform for doing so, introducing small bits of content over time…drip, drip, drip. And what is lead generation good for if not followed up by a nurturing campaign anyway, […]

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